Wild, wild trio

My co-food runner (does this word exist?) told me while we were working “you’re gonna love them!”. Well, I am usually very skeptical when someone tells me that and with good reason: I have been so many times disappointed by the fact that people believe I like shitty music (I know I am being arrogant). But some people tend to believe that singing barefoot, wearing monkey costumes, throwing in randomly some ukuleles or voices of children yapping can make a band cool (ok now I sound contemptuous).

Anyway, it took only two Spanish guitars and a cajon to turn my skepticism into complete admiration. Kallidad is an instrumental trio from Bondi which plays something I would describe as progressive-flamenco-metal-on-acoustic-guitars. On stage, they put on paint like some metal/hard rock bands, but leave out spandex attires. Thanks! (No offense KISS fans).

What they make is brilliant and dexterous. I am not a music expert but I can’t think of anything else but Rodrigo y Gabriela for the eclectic blend of flamenco, reggae, rock but with a stronger metal influence.It is maybe less technical than the Mexican duo, but there is more fiesta for sure. With their skeleton face paint, they even involved a captivated and dancing crowd in their melodic and feverish delirium, by performing guitar slides, picking and tapping, with everything they found at the bar from glasses to people’s hands. I just cannot believe they are not signed yet.


4 thoughts on “KALLIDAD (AUS) – LIVE

  1. Hey ‘opposum’ I’m the drummer for Kallidad just want to let you know we are playing tomorrow night (Thursday 8th August) at the Beach rd Hotel in Bondi at 9pm. It would be great if you could come down! Cheers

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